Electric Fleets & Charging Stations

A more sustainable and cost-effective way to move people and products

Did you know?

Oregon already has the nation’s No. 1 quick-charge infrastructure and more available plug-in car, truck and heavy-duty vehicle options per capita than almost any other state. That makes it easier for you to improve your organization’s sustainability and efficiency with electric vehicles and charging stations.

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Install charging stations

  • For your customers, tenants and visitors
  • For your employees
  • For your fleet

Electrify your fleet

Vehicles that travel fewer than 100 miles per trip are good candidates for electric power.

Simply recharge with a quick-charge station while reloading, after a shift or overnight. Charging stations are straightforward to install and use.

Electric vehicle options include:

  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)
  • Electric Passenger Cars (EVs)
  • Electric Commercial Delivery Vehicles (Trucks)

Why electrify your fleet?

They make good business sense:

1. Cost less to drive

Electric miles are cheaper than gas miles (2.5 cents/mile on average vs 10 cents/mile for a 30 mpg car).

2. Cut carbon emissions

Electric vehicles significantly reduce carbon emissions, even when using electricity generated primarily from coal.

In the Northwest, our generation mix already relies less on coal and more on other sources. And by pairing an electric vehicle with one of PGE’s renewable power programs, you can reduce or eliminate your fuel-related carbon footprint.

You’d need a gasoline vehicle getting at least 73 miles per gallon to get global warming emissions as low as an electric vehicle powered from the grid in the Northwest.1 This includes the production and fuel transportation emissions too (a well-to-wheels comparison).

If you are using renewable power, the equivalent MPG would need to be 500 mpg for solar and 3,900 mpg for wind to match EVs’ green benefits.

1 The Union of Concerned Scientist’s report “State of Charge

3. Easier to maintain

Battery electric vehicles don’t have a transmission or combustion engine — eliminating oil changes, fuel filters, emissions testing and other costly maintenance.

A simplified drive train and braking system means greater reliability and fewer potential repairs, too.

4. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

An electric fleet is like a set of traveling billboards, advertising that your organization walks its sustainability talk.

Here, EVs are cleaner than hybrids Here, EVs are cleaner than hybrids

Our generation mix means driving an EV charged on PGE’s grid emits less carbon than even the best hybrid.1

1 The Union of Concerned Scientist’s report “State of Charge

EVs + Clean Wind = Carbon-free fuel EVs + Clean Wind℠ = Carbon-free fuel

Power your EV fleet with 100% Clean Wind, and kick carbon to the curb.

EV curious? Call us! EV curious? Call us!

Your PGE representative or the Business Services Team can answer your questions about EV fleets and charging stations, and help you pencil it out. Call 800-822-1077.